GhostBSD 4.0 RC 1 now available

The GhostBSD team is pleased to announce the availability the fist RC build of the 4.0-RELEASE release cycle which is available on SourceForge for the amd64 and i386 architectures.

Classic Workstation

Classic Workstation

Purity Workstation

Purity Workstation

Element Workstation

 Element Workstation


Changes and fix between 4.0-BETA3 and 4.0-RC1 include:

  • Xconfig from 3.5 was added back to system
  • A script is added to do configuration on the first boot of the new intallation
  • fix software dependency

A special thanks to those who had reported any issues.

Where to download:

The image checksums, ISO images and USB images are available here:

Important info

Please be aware that this release provides users and developers with a system to test out new features for the upcoming release. This release is a RC Test build and may contain buggy  features, so we encourage you to run it only on non-critical systems.

If you notice problems please make sure to read before reporting them through testing GhostBSD mailing list or the appropriate Forums. We encourage you to use or new issue system build with MantisBT

Note: Developers can't fix problems that we are not aware and can't reproduce; if you report a problem give us a detailed reports that we can reproduce the problem.

We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using GhostBSD and have a lot of fun beta testing GhostBSD!



The best improvement to date is the fault tolerant modification work done to prevent losing your desktop, because of an abrupt power lost. Now, that part feels more unix- like. However, the deformation of the login screen GUI after a sudden lost of power leaves much to be desired. It makes GhostBSD feel cheap and fragile. Awhile loading multiple 1GB + files, simultaneously, from a USB flash drive, GhostBSD' s GUI really loses it's composure. Trying to eject a USB is another area. where this reminds you of a low buget operating system not worthy of what unix is known for, such as peripheral control.The The biggest let down is - whatever happened to downloading packages from the command-line?

These were the disappointing results on a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300-EZ1522 2.0CPU, 2GB ram.

How to install the Russian language to Mate?

Is there coming RootOnZFS support, like during the FreeBSD 10 installation?
I like what You all have done with the BSD. Mate desktop is very user friendly.

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