GhostBSD Project is always seeking for Contributor in many areas like financial donation, project promotion, project development, and more, we are always grateful for contributions and active contributor. It is very easy to contribute! Contributing to the project depend only on your skills, your availability or/and your wealth. You can contribute where you would like to.

Incomes from AdSense and donations are use to help pay for web servers, project promotion, new hardware and equipment, and we hope one day donation will provide incomes for the developers and upstream project Development. GhostBSD is developed on free time, most of us have family, jobs and other projects, due to lack of time and money restrictions we are limited to what we can offer which it is why we need financial contribution.


You can help by making a financial contribution to the project. Donation will give the opportunity to help the future development of GhostBSD. GhostBSD is developed on free time. Most of us have family, jobs and other projects. Due to time and money restrictions we are limited to what we can offer which it is why we need financial Contribution. Donation are use to help pay for web servers, project promotion, new hardware and equipment, and we hope one day donation will provide incomes for the developers.

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A Sponsorship is created when an individual or company provide a qualified donation to one of the 6 level of sponsorship. The individual name, project or company will automatically be associated with the success of GhostBSD. We engage to display the Sponsor project company banner or logo placed in the sponsor page with a link to the website and randomly display sponsors on every page of the GhostBSD website. Our benefits from sponsors is a predictable source of constant income and it is the best form of financial support.

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We are always interested in new partnerships. Partners provide service or support to the project or his community. Partners can also be vendors that sales GhostBSD or associated products around the world  and share the income generate from selling GhostBSD and associated products. Interested in building a partnership with us, let us know!

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If you have some basic Linux/BSD experience, time and you're willing to help other users with technical problems, you should consider join the forums and the IRC channel and helping other users to solve their problems.


GhostBSD Forums is an interactive Q&A website to help finding answers to common questions. Anyone can create an account to start asking and answering Question.


GhostBSD provides Wiki documentation for both users and developers. All of our documentation is hosted on GhostBSD Wiki, so anyone can submit changes and new sections.

Promoting the project

If you like GhostBSD, let people know, talk about it with your friends coworker and the people around you. Setup boot at open source event and share with others. Write a review and publish it on


Currently, GhostBSD is by default only available in English. We want this to change and hope to roll out some international features in the future versions. For that however, we need help from our community. If you want to contribute a translation of any GhostBSD content, let us know on

If you like playing around with operating systems and have a bit of spare time with spare system or virtual machine, one of the most effective ways you can assist GhostBSD is reporting problems you encounter while using GhostBSD. Subscribe to, and also join us on IRC at #ghostbsd and #ghostbsd-dev. You will also be able to see what problems other are finding and verify if the problem exists on your hardware as well.

Reporting bug

When you've noticed something that doesn't function properly while using GhostBSD, let us know. The problem you have discovered is most likely affecting others. The sooner we know about it, the sooner we're able to fix it.

Follow these tips so that you can accurately describe your findings so they can be fixed as soon as possible:

  • When reporting a new issue, use a descriptive subject that includes the error and the version of GhostBSD. Ideally, the subject should be short, and contains key words about the error.
  • Ensure that the body of the bug report includes the GhostBSD version and architecture.
  • Give a good description of the problem and how to reproduce the error. If there is an error message, include it's text.
  • Include any other info that maybe useful.
  • If the problem appears to be hardware related, include a copy of /var/run/dmesg.boot as this file shows the hardware that was probed the last time the system booted.
GhostBSD is developed by a team of BSD users and supported by its widespread community. Our Open Source Software development is different then other solutions. Our user community can be actively involved in the development of GhostBSD. We are always on the lookout for feedback on missing features, new ideas, app development and more. Find out more about how to get involved!

Adding new software

If you have a suggestion for a Port that doesn't exist yet or want to help ensure that new ports work flawlessly check out FreeBSD Port mailing list for any other information you might require, check out FreeBSD Porter's Handbook


If you have an idea on how to improve the look and feel of GhostBSD, want to design a wallpaper, MATE theme, icon set or/and anything of this sort for GhostBSD, let us know on


Most of our development is done in Python, GTK libraries, and standard shell(/bin/sh) scripts. There may be cases where other languages like C and other libraries are needed, but those will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, so feel free to get involve and join us on and on IRC at #ghostbsd-dev.

Fork us on GitHub

All the code of GhostBSD is hosted on GitHub, feel free to browse through our GitHub repository where we store all GhostBSD source code and utilities. If you see something you want to work on fork it, you have a proposal for the project, then feel free to let us know via or #ghostbsd-dev and we'll be happy to help you get started.

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