December 2015 Contributors Reports

Many thanks to everyone who helped the project and donated in December.


Sponsor donated over 100$ or subscribed to a monthly donation, we proudly display their banner and link.

Chameleon John
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Become a Sponsor

Our sponsorship policy is basically that anyone who contribute a donation over 100$ or subscribe to a monthly donation to our project, we will proudly add a banner or logo with a link of the website donors in our sponsorship page and add the link to the donation list and promote sponsor in our Contributor Newsletter.



Many thanks to the following people for donating to GhostBSD.

Dec 11 2015 Paul Demers $20
Dec 11 2015 Miklos Janosi $25
Dec 07 2015 Kevin O'Connor $10
Dec 04 2015 Fred Horvat $10

Sustain the project

If you haven't already donate to GhostBSD, be generous, help us grow and sustain the project. The project depend on you!


New donation method

With the help of Jake Gleason from Crowdbridge we bring a Patreon campaign to GhostBSD and we hope it will be successful. This Patreon campaign has been created to benefit the people donating with some rewards and we also add some goals. See more at


Become a monthly supporter at Patreon and get the benefit from Patron rewards. This new method will allow us to give back the community and to reward our supporters.

We are always looking for Contributors

If you are interested to contribute on the development, documentation, translation and/or community let us know.

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