Focusing on MATE.

When I started this project at the time Nahuel joined me, GhostBSD was about having the best Gnome desktop experience, today having a bunch of desktop that do not work correctly with BSD. Gnome 3 had not seen ports yet, because it is basically made for GNU/Linux. I had make a critical decision lately with the rest of the team to abandon all the other desktops in favor of MATE, which is the most suitable solution for GhostBSD a workstation. The MATE Desktop Environment is the continuation of GNOME 2 desktop Environment with huge improvement.

The project was started with Gnome 2 and today MATE maintaining our trademark. The biggest BSD Desktop out there that most peoples are aware is Mac OS X, but they are not aware that the base system is BSD. Apple has made a Desktop that is well designed and well integrated to the system. Mac OS has been looking the same way for many years and that trademark is well known. The Mac OS X Desktop had seen a lot of improvement, but did not change drastically like Gnome 3 did. MATE as been one of the most interesting projects started after Gnome switch to a new desktop design. Mate is a stable and solid desktop under FreeBSD and helps GhostBSD to keep is trademark.

I have said in two interview that I want to start a GTK desktop and I still want to do one, but for the moment MATE is fine. When I will start that DE I will base it from MATE and it is the main reason I want to focus on MATE only for GhostBSD, I will be able to slowly develop that DE by using mate as a base like Linux Mint did Cinnamon from Gnome 3.