GhostBSD 3.1 Now Available

Eric is pleased to announce that GhostBSD 3.1 is now available! This release is a respin of 3.0 including many bug fix. GhostBSD 3.1 does not include any updated package or new feature its only to fix issue that some user had find.

Changes since 3.1.

  • Updatec FreeBSD 9.1 to FreeBSD 9.1 p4
  • Improvement¬† the auto Xorg configuration.
  • The Nvidia drivers as bean remove to fix issue with older card.
  • Numerous bug-fixes to GhostBSD related utilities.
  • Openbox and Lxde AMD64 ISO is fitting back on CD.
  • The package manager is back in function.
  • pkg_add is back in function.

The GhostBSD 3.1 amd64 and i386 architectures is now available via torrent and download page. It can be installed from ISO images or USB images.

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