GhostBSD 3.0 Now Available

The GhostBSD team is pleased to announce that version 3.0 is now available! This release includes many new features and enhancements, such as an improved system installer, Openbox window manager and much more!

From GhostBSD

  • Support Openbox window manager.
  • Installer Improvements with more installing option.
  • Improvements of the auto configuration wireless networking script.
  • Auto configuration of Xorg.
  • Nvidia drivers ready.
  • 3D acceleration is supported on some Intel graphics cards. 
  • Numerous bug-fixes to GhostBSD related utilities.
  • Downside Openbox and Lxde AMD64 ISO only fit on DVD, Due to an overload of Drivers added.
  • And much more!

From FreeBSD 9.1

  • New Intel GPU driver with GEM/KMS support
  • netmap(4) fast userspace packet I/O framework
  • ZFS improvements from illumos project
  • CAM Target Layer, a disk and processor device emulation subsystem
  • Optional new C++11 stack including LLVM libc++ and libcxxrt
  • Jail devfs, nullfs, zfs mounting and configuration file support
  • POSIX2008 extended locale support, including compatibility with Darwin extensions
  • oce(4) driver for Emulex OneConnect 10Gbit Ethernet card
  • sfxge(4) driver for 10Gb Ethernet adapters based on Solarflare SFC9000 controller
  • Xen Paravirtualized Backend Ethernet Driver (netback) improvement
  • hpt27xx(4) driver for HighPoint RocketRAID 27xx-based SAS 6Gb/s HBA
  • GEOM multipath class improvement
  • GEOM raid class is enabled by default supporting software RAID by deprecated ataraid(8)
  • kernel support for the AVX FPU extension
  • Numerous improvements in IPv6 hardware offload support
Please note that precompiled third-party packages are not available for 9.1-RELEASE at the time of release. The Package Manager and pkg_add will not function to install application. To install  app you need to build it from FreeBSD Ports See Using the Ports Collection for Help.


GhostBSD 3.0 is now available for the amd64 and i386 architectures and can be installed from bootable ISO images or USB images.

Download Now.

ISO Image Checksums

MD5 (GhostBSD3.0-gnome2-i386.iso) = 339c4535eba624ad0e440c6a09a43f15
MD5 (GhostBSD3.0-gnome2-i386.img) = 20c27e9b43a13ec900c63877c3426f95
MD5 (GhostBSD3.0-gnome2-amd64.iso) = ed55a48230e2f7c437104a2cdf9a4527
MD5 (GhostBSD3.0-gnome2-amd64.img) = 313fa7f6a26c3ddde9ed657884c875e6

MD5 (GhostBSD3.0-lxde-i386.iso) = 38f134fe167bb7d05a073c36aa3cc4a0
MD5 (GhostBSD3.0-lxde-i386.img) = 433a18a93e3f5e9768d7949a38e649a2
MD5 (GhostBSD3.0-lxde-amd64.iso) = 753e0eb67ff97fca951b68347a8c5411
MD5 (GhostBSD3.0-lxde-amd64.img) = 21ad513f2a37f1d64d4039176d6771af

MD5 (GhostBSD3.0-openbox-i386.iso) = 7d038c298ab891cce36bf7e692db372c
MD5 (GhostBSD3.0-openbox-i386.img) = c57d0af177b4091c9d10612dba5af256
MD5 (GhostBSD3.0-openbox-amd64.iso) = 114d3e64f66911d895a8f679d989c749
MD5 (GhostBSD3.0-openbox-amd64.img) = 4e5971dab041d2069f1e0c81f4c6f3e3


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