For GhostBSD 4.0 do should we keep Gimp install by default?

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58% (259 votes)
42% (191 votes)
Total votes: 450



i don't understand what makes a general purpose OS needs to include GIMP as default application. I even can't imagine why 60 percent of votes agrees to do so. I thought ghostbsd is not just for graphical designing. It shoud be more user friendly than preinstalling some powerful graphical design application like GIMP. Why not make thousands of apps including GIMP two clicks to install; e.g, the first click on a button called INSTALL which follows by authentication and the second one is a choice of application icon on launcher.   

GhostBSD have 3.5 have a Package Manager by default.


<p>Those like myself of limited means have found GIMP almost as good as Photoshop (better in some areas) for photo processing. I don't know where you get the idea most users use it for graphic design but I am serious about my photography and have used Photoshop where I've been forced to, but prefer GIMP for its ease of use.&nbsp; There isn't an alternative program that does something like it without shelling out a lot of money, so please keep GIMP by default. If you don't keep it in by default, all you will do is turn people over to other distributions that have it by default, and fewer people towards GhostBSD. As for it being complicated to use, I'm teaching my little group of 'grey panthers' to use GIMP, using as my core text "GIMP 2 for Photographers" by Klaus Goelker. I was hoping to wean most of them from Linux to BSD via MidnightBSD; they're intelligent and grasp concepts easily, so why shouldn't a BSD variant be for them?</p> <p>disabled-pensioner</p>

For light-weight purposes (and simplicity) a generic (and more intuitive) image editing pragram should be installed.  Most people don't have time to learn how to do the simple things they need to do on such a powerful and complicated program.  Think Windows Paint...simple.

I would like ATi Radeon drivers working out of the box.




You are right about GIMP. We should re-vote.

I like GhostBSD because it's a lightweight and fast distro. GIMP is a great tool but i think, there is no need to install it by default. Its easy to install over the Package Manager if you want it. The driversupport is more important as far as I can see. ;-)

That would be great to have some fast and small windows manager with lot of options such as Awesome, as default. Thx.

Gimp and LibreOffice are my principal apps. Thanks for your work.

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