A brief Summary of in 2013

Last year I have wrote an blog post call Summary of the GhostBSD problem in 2012, This year I decide wrote an other post that to Summarize 2013. 2013 was the year were I have made test experimentation with GhostBSD and it help me to defined what GhostBSD should focus on. This was a hard year to to have lots to do alone, with all the burden I had for myself, I had forgot GhostBSD was about having the best desktop experience for a BSD Desktop. Not having a bunch of desktop that does not work correctly with BSD, for the moment the only Desktop other then KDE that work well with BSD is MATE. I have try to deliver a bunch a choice for desktop that cause me more problem to solve and it not healthy for young project with no hand power to work on all those desktop. Yup 2013 is the year were I realize that GhostBSD need get back on the track with why I have created this project, which is to be well integrated desktop the FreeBSD echo system and to have friendly, current and stable look, which GhostBSD was going outside of this direction. MATE have forge back this direction to the project in 2013.

The team had slowly started to get back on is feet in the end of 2013. GhostBSD 3.5 have help GhostBSD to shape what it should be. 2013 was a good year for GhostBSD, but had struggle because of its collection of desktop supported and it is reflecting lot of decision made for GhostBSD 4.0.