Summary of the GhostBSD problem in 2012.

2012 was probably a big shifting for GhostBSD. All mistake I have done in the past have reflected the project. GhostBSD is probably Known as a none or poor Documented Project, which is not attractive for new comers and developers. My lack of knowledge and leadership when I have start this project have lead me to learn on the hard way after mistake and mistake. I have never focus on the website and never take a real decision about it. I have give all the web work to Nahuel Sanchez and mostly all the control. From there all was OK, but the work on documentation have never been done an all what was suppose be done have never seen the day. Every help GhostBSD was able to get for documentation never had been done, because the tool was not there and I was not able to get access to anything. Every time I was asking for something for the website or access it was a constant fight.

The start of 2012 Kamile join us to help. This was the start of the of big shift for the project. Kamile setup a wiki on Source Forge. We was trying harder to get the web open, but that was not going to happen. The Server was for Nahuel only and no body add word to say about it. An Italian approach us for financing GhostBSD for bringing it to a commercial level. I was ready to jump on that opportunity, but i knew lot people will been trow out the project. I have explain all the big issue of the project. The Guy said he will get rid of all that problem, before all start, we had problem with the fact to be a openbox system only and all have get dirty. The Italian decline Because of one of my email not well written. I have tendency to not read what i have write. I have been miss understand.

After all that, I was getting tired and get behind a lot for all the development. I have realize that all the ads and sponsor money was not going to GhostBSD. Which start more fighting and problem. John, Kamile and me was trying to get the web open for new comers and the team. I have been told by Sanchez I was a control freak a close source minded and lot more things. I was to the point to quit and he was knowing it. When he agree to open the web and server, he ask me to give him the domain name I said no!!! So he start back to laughing and he disagreeing towards me again. I was passing for idiot in front of couple members of my family, they said don't let any person to dictate you what to do and treated you like that. I was so piste of and the server was in is hand, but I said I'm done with you. He quit in the same time guess due to what he put to all the social network he had open for GhostBSD.

We have construct a new website and had been able to save the forum and implement new idea. I needed to take some time to rest and think to all had happen it take me a while because of i did not give lot life presence and not leading the project.  Kamile left in good term. Lot people don have give feedback. Now the team get back small.

What I learn of all those years:

  • Never give full control to one guy of an area of the project.
  • Take your position in the project you should lead the project.
  • prepare a list of things that need to be done.
  • Do the documentation has you go.
  • Try to work with people near you if possible.
  • Listen people who work with you.
  • Make sure that everybody know the vision.
  • If someone is not in the same road of the rest team, you have dismiss of him in good term if possible.
  • Be open to any subjection.
  • Take time to read every code submitted by other and understand it.


That was the first half of the year. The second haft was not bad for the first time of GhostBSD. I had approach the same way of Linux mint for funding the project. I have try to put time on the documentation, finish the installer and try to make the website more informative. Frank a good friend of mine join us back to help.

I think overall this was time to me to realize that GhostBSD can be serious project.