Our partners provide the support and services we need to ensure our success, they make our job easier and allow us to focus on the development GhostBSD. We appreciated our partnerships


OSDisc ship CDs and DVDs of GhostBSD Worldwide. For each CD or DVD sold, under are affiliation 40% of the sale is given to GhostBSD.

GhostBSD Partner since july 2013.


Unixstickers is the largest online store for high quality and finely printed stickers, t-shirts, mugs, posters and pins on unix, linux, programming and software.

GhostBSD Partner since February 2016.

File Sharing and Storage


gotbsd? is distributing FreeBSD and related project torrents and provide tracker and seeder. gotbsd? is helping us to distribute by linking GhostBSD torrents to their website.

GhostBSD Partner since 2013.

Interested in building a partnership with us?

We are always interested in new partnerships. Partnership are providing service or support to GhostBSDt and/or his community are always appreciated. Partners can also be vendors that sales GhostBSD or associated products around the world and share the income generate from selling GhostBSD and associated products.