What init system would you prefer to use under GhostBSD?

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Why this pool? Has much as I like OpenRC, it comes at a price. All FreeBSD OS services and ports/packages services must be maintained and new ones to be added. So on that note, we would like your vote on which one you prefer before making a drastic decision.



I can see the merits of both, and so this is difficult - an ideal situation would be to keep things as they are why put the devs through work that doesn't neec to be done? , but a pragmatic approach would be to go back to the FreeBSD init, as you know it's going to be around for a long time and it's more familiar...

I would track whatever FreeBSD is planning to do as close as possible. The only exception I can think of off the top of my head is zero effort, long term compatible improvements. 

Feel free to soften the above. Low effort, likely long term compatible, etc :-) 



I had stopped using GhostBSD a few years ago when they moved to OpenR, and I had started roling my own FreeBSD desktop ever since,  It's unlikly I would return to GhostBSD regardless of what decision is made.  I'm quite happy with my pure FreeBSD desktop, but moving back to rc.d would at least allow me to start reconsidoring GhostBSD for some projects.

Personally, I like that GhostBSD uses OpenRC, because it allows broader testing, and has shown that it works really well, adding strength to the debate for FreeBSD to make the switch.

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