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GhostBSD 3.0 STABLE 1 is released.

It is not an official release its only for testing the new installer. The system as been updated. But the software is not updated to the last version. DuckDuckGo as been configure in Firefox.
You can now test the installer and report bug to us. Report bugs by the mailing list, the development portal or By the forum. Широкий выбор товаров на сайте поможет оставаться прекрасной без труда

Take note That the STABLE version can is to debug the new feature for GhostBSD 3.0. You will not see lots of referents form 2.5 and this version.
Download Test 3.0 Today

News - GhostBSD 3.0

The new GUI installer is done. We will release a prebeta version soon, so that you can test it.
Gnome 3 is not ready yet. We will release it for tests and debugging to help FreeBSD Gnome Team.
The release of GhostBSD 3.0 will contain LXDE with Openbox and GNOME 2.
We have promised a network manger, but with the lack of time we might not be able to finish it before 3.0. will make it easier with a scooter rental in Barcelona

June Report

June donation.

GhostBSD has collected 35 CAD in donation.
Thanks to the donors.

June sponsors.

No Sponsors yet.

Help us.

Our ambition is to let our solution compete with commercial equivalents. To help us achieve this goal, please consider supporting the project financially.The donation money is used to fund the hosting, to advertise on other websites and purchase necessary equipment. Yet GhostBSD is a project developed in free time (It means, that if we only have 1 hour in a week, we put 1 hour in this project. All of us have a jobs, etc.) We are also hoping that at some point we will be able to fund a team of full-time developers job.
You can also use DuckDuckGo in GhostBSD to help fund GhostBSD. By using the, you help funding GhostBSD and DuckDuckGo. All the details is in the Wiki. garažo vartai, lauko durys, balkonų stiklinimas ir plastikiniai langai Vilniuje konkurencinga kaina

We also encourage you to get involved in GhostBSD. One beneficial way is to participate in the GhostBSD community. We encourage you to use irc(freenode->#ghostbsd) , the forum and the mailing lists to get help and help others.


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