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GhostBSD 19.10 Now Available

I am happy to announce the availability of GhostBSD 19.10 with some improvement to the live ISO and UEFI multiboot fix with some improvements.

GhostBSD 19.10 ISO is a significant improvement of over 19.09. Our latest ISO that contains improvements to our EFI multiboot installation process and our backend installer. GhostBSD 19.09 marked the last major change of GhostBSD. For current users of GhostBSD 19.09, there is no need to reinstall to upgrade to GhostBSD 19.10. For new users, the GhostBSD 19.10 ISO provides a simple, elegant installation process to get you going quickly.

What has changed since 19.09

  • UEFI multiboot installation for supported hardware.
  • Changed the ISO boot setup
  • Removed netmount services

Issues reported we fixed

  • Bug #113: update station issues
  • Feature #119: Rewrite the code to build the live iso, to fix the issue case by sysroot with EFI.
  • Feature #120: Adding folder ghostbsd in EFI partition and add fallback in \EFI\BOOT

To upgrade if not done already:

sudo pkg update -f
sudo pkg upgrade
sudo rc-update delete netmount
sudo reboot

Where to download:

All images checksum, hybrid ISO(DVD, USB) and torrent are available here:

For writing an iso to a USB stick:


dd if=GhostBSD19.10.iso of=/dev/da0 bs=4m

On Linux

dd if=GhostBSD19.10.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=4M

On Mac

dd if=GhostBSD19.10.iso of=/dev/disk2 bs=10240


Maybe you want to discuss your experiences or ask us some questions? Is there anything you can help with or get involved in? If so, please contact us on Telegram and GhostBSD Forums.

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Dealing with the misunderstandings of what is GhostBSD

Since the release of 19.09, I have seen a lot of misunderstandings on what is GhostBSD and the future of GhostBSD. GhostBSD is based on TrueOS with FreeBSD 12 STABLE with our twist to it. We are still continuing to use TrueOS for OpenRC, and the new package's system for the base system that is built from ports. GhostBSD is becoming a slow-moving rolling release base on the latest TrueOS with FreeBSD 12 STABLE. When FreeBSD 13 STABLE gets released, GhostBSD will be upgraded to TrueOS with FreeBSD 13 STABLE.

Our official desktop is MATE, which means that the leading developer of GhostBSD does not officially support XFCE. Community releases are maintained by the community and for the community. GhostBSD project will provide help to build and to host the community release. If anyone wants to have a particular desktop supported, it is up to the community. Sure I will help where I can, answer questions and guide new community members that contribute to community release.

There is some effort going on for Plasma5 desktop. If anyone is interested in helping with XFCE and Plasma5 or in creating another community release, you are well come to contribute. Also, Contribution to the GhostBSD base system, to ports and new ports, and in house software are welcome. We are mostly active on Telegram, but you can also reach us on the forum.


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