The switch to FreeBSD rc.d is coming

After trying to keep all services for OpenRC up to date with FreeBSD services, I weighed the pros and cons of OpenRC. The only pro that made the decision hard to make was OpenRC's services status feature, so I turned to the community with a poll to see the consensus.

The poll was up for a week. The results are as follows:
FreeBSD RC (rc.d) 68% (217 votes)
OpenRC 32% (104 votes)
The Total of votes: 321

So I am going with the majority. I have been running GhostBSD with rc.d for over a month to ensure a smooth transition. Now I feel comfortable pushing the update to switch to rc.d. So tonight, GhostBSD will have an update that will set bsdrc to system_rc in /boot/loader.conf and add all services from OpenRC default runlevel to /etc/rc.conf. It is to be expected that the colorful boot messages will disappear.

It is to be noted that OpenRC will not be removed from our source code before next year.

For those who are disappointed with this change, put your feet in my shoes. Maintaining FreeBSD services plus FreeBSD ports services for OpenRC is too much for one person. In addition, I do not have the adequate manpower to keep up with all new services and services changes. I have people helping, but it is not enough to keep up. So instead of trying to keep up with something that already works well, GhostBSD will focus on improving the FreeBSD desktop experience.

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