About GhostBSD project


GhostBSD is a simple, elegant, and friendly BSD operating system for desktops and laptops based on FreeBSD. GhostBSD is a slow-rolling release while some GNU/Linux distros are on the bleeding edge side; we tried to offer a stable update and release cycle. The official desktop environment is MATE. The system comes with a graphical application to install software and update your system. Most codecs to play multimedia files are pre-installed. The installer leverages OpenZFS makes it easy to install and is suitable for newcomers to BSD. With modest hardware requirements, GhostBSD is ideal for modern workstations and 64-bit single-board computer hardware.

Our Goal

In general, BSD is also considered beyond the average computer user's knowledge. We try to simplify BSD to lower the entry-level of using BSD on a desktop or laptop. We provide all the benefits of the FreeBSD operating system benefits combined with the OpenRC inits system.


GhostBSD is from Canada and Developed in Canada, Italy, Germany, and the US.

Free and Open

The source code is available on GitHub and licensed under the terms of the Revised BSD License, GhostBSD contains GPL/GNU software. It is available for free, but anyone who appreciates this software can contribute a donation, become a Patron on Patreon and even become a sponsor of this project.


GhostBSD appreciates relationships with its partners: