Some changes coming to GhostBSD or should I say to GhostOS

I have read a lot of comments, posts, and tweets lately. I have been reflecting a lot, and I think it is time to rename GhostBSD to GhostOS and switch the base system to Arch. After all, from the comment below, GhostBSD will never become popular if we do not become GNU and FSF compliant.

See the whole post about it here:

FreeBSD primarily focuses on being for embedded systems and servers. Building a Desktop OS on that kind of system does nothing good. As was said before, the Desktop experience will not improve if no one uses it on FreeBSD. There have been a lot of talks, and there is a new blog post about it.

See the blog post here:

It has been known that FreeBSD devs have been seen in most BSD conventions using MacBook instead of dogfooding their OS.

Regarding hardware support, FreeBSD is behind, specifically in the WIFI area. It just makes sense to change the OS base.

GhostBSD is a project focusing on Desktops and Laptops before being a BSD OS. It makes only sense to do what is best for a Desktop OS to survive. So expect changes to come slowly. The naming of the OS will be the first thing to change. You might see the system name change to GhostOS, but until the new system is ready, expect regular GhostBSD updates.

I hope that everyone has a good April first.