Download GhostBSD 20.04.1

Official Release

64-bit, amd64

Release announcement

sha256: 73e1c7589a8de8ce8c9d981dbb19c56fd22286a4d776eb1a938d3a9926761e58

Community Release


64-bit, amd64

Release announcement

sha256: d78197e98084d15b6f12f0d809728f64d1866a45915b12735ac32b7524fcd48d

Latest development Builds

If you are interested in testing the latest change we did, and to help debug problem before releases we run a build on any significant code committed.

Report Bugs and New Features Request

Send all bugs and feature request to our Redmine project management system, ensure they’re complete, understandable and if possible reproducible. You will need to set up an account with our Redmine project management system.

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How to install GhostBSD 19.10