What is GhostBSD?

GhostBSD is a user friendly operating system based on FreeBSD, which attempts to conform to the Single Unix Specification. FreeBSD is known for its stability and security in server environments, which incidentally provides an excellent base for a desktop operating system. GhostBSD is based on well designed and thoroughly tested Open Source solutions to create an easy to use familiar workspace that can be used at home and in office / production environments. The live environment can also be used to rescue data. It supports the most popular lightweight and fully-featured desktop environments (Mate), FreeBSD's next generation package management system, Apache Open Office, Libre Office, LibreCAD, Eclipse / Anjuta development environments (for C, C++, Java, Javascript, Jala, and Python), and more.

What is the goals of GhostBSD?

The GhostBSD project has for goals: security, privacy, stability, usability, openness, freedom and to be free of charge. How we respect or goal? Simple We take the secure FreeBSD operating system as GhostBSD system base, we add a secure selection of software wich respect your privacy too, we fine-tunes the selection of applications for optimal performance and stability, and provides an intuitive work environment without the need for extensive additional configuration. Rather than compiling, building, and configuring their own FreeBSD system, a GhostBSD user eliminates the hassle and employs a prebuilt system ready for public consumption. We are, however, true to the tenets of FreeBSD, which are low resource consumption and stability. GhostBSD does not limit the user's customization options, which are available in an ordinary FreeBSD distributions. All of the tutorials, advice, and online content applicable to FreeBSD also apply to our distribution. The GhostBSD source code is available on the GitHub, GhostBSD license is under the terms of the Revised BSD License, GhostBSD contain GPL software, the content available on the site and the documatation is licensed under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) license.. In other words GhostBSD is available for free to anyone. You are free to modify the code and include it in both open and commercial projects.