GhostBSD is developed by a team of BSD and GNU/Linux users and supported by its widespread community. Our Open Source Software development is different than other solutions. Our user community can be actively involved in the development of GhostBSD. We are always on the lookout for feedback on missing features, new ideas, app development and more.

Getting Involved

Become a tester

Having as many people as possible to test the next versions of GhostBSD on as many different hardware configurations as possible makes the experience better for everyone. If you have a few hours to spare and are willing to detail any problems you run across, see Becoming a Beta Tester for more info on how to submit error reports.

Porting software to FreeBSD

If you have a suggestion for a Port that doesn't exist yet or want to help ensure that new Ports work flawlessly check out FreeBSD Port mailing list for any other information you might require, check out FreeBSD Porter's Handbook 

Help with translations

Currently, GhostBSD is by default only available in English. We want this to change and hope to roll out some international features in the future versions. For that however, we need help from our community. If you want to contribute a translation of any GhostBSD content, let us know on GhostBSD Translation mailing list.

Contribute artwork

If you have an idea on how to improve the look and feel of GhostBSD, want to design a wallpaper, MATE theme, icon set or anything of this sort for GhostBSD, let us know on developers mailing list.

System Development

Looking to help with the development of GhostBSD? The project is looking for individuals to help improve the operating system, assist with bug fixes, and support development in other ways.

Become a Committer

Are you looking to become a GhostBSD committer? People who want to help improve the GhostBSD code are always welcome! If you would like to take part in the development, a good place to get started is by signing up for the developers mailing list. Once you've signed up then feel free to browse our active TO DO list. If you see something you want to work on or have a proposal for the project then feel free to let us know via the developers list and we'll be happy to help you get started.

GTK, XML,Python, C

Most of the GhostBSD specific GUI tools are developed in Python using the GTK Libraries, and other non-GUI development is done using standard shell (/bin/sh) scripts and Python. There may be cases where other languages / libraries are needed, but those will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, so feel free to let us know your proposals on the developers mailing list.